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Halcyon Zero

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Bring your friends and have fun, fight, and explore a beautiful fantasy world with unforgettable characters.

Create and share your own maps

Explore a near-limitless number of levels made by players across the world. Or unleash your creative potential by creating and publishing your own.

Party-based hack ‘n slash gameplay

Join a team of heroes, and battle your way through the land of Halcyon Zero to uncover the secret of chaos and restore balance to the world!

Halcyon Zero

characters of our world



Selene clawed upwards from her humble origins as an abandoned child to become one of the world's finest adventurers. Her morals are unbreakable, and her swordsmanship unrivaled. If you could move her to your cause, victory was assured. Still, it was many the times where she'd return alone from a battlefield, unable to save her allies.

Brought back into the world to battle Chaos once more, she's determined to save the world - leaving no one behind this time.



Finn was a talented albeit bored marksman in the Middle Islands. He became a famous bounty hunter, punishing those who'd bring terror to his skies. He believed everyone deserved to fly fearlessly.

Finn found love in every pier, never settling down. But eventually he received notice that he'd had a daughter, Rosa. But his new family were nowhere to be found. Finn now soars the sky, in past and now present, trying to discover what their fate turned out to be.



Cassia was one of many skilled thief children, employed by her parents from an early age to sneak into vaults to fetch valuable gems and gold. After losing her siblings one by one in a series of heists gone wrong, she decided to turn her life around. She used her talents to heal others across the world... while scolding herself for sometimes stealing things as payment.

Having a second lease in life, she wonders if she's atoned and deserves to relax after the fierce battles conclude.



Cyrille is an artificial being imbued with centuries of knowledge through many arcane rituals. The Witches Coven, her creators, protect this secret with their lives.

The witches have made great efforts to humble her during her development, no one likes dealing with arrogant know-it-alls. Cyrille loves the Coven, and while she may act haughty with others, she greatly values their wisdom and opinions.



A cunning, long-lived witch, Sylvia’s powerful magic was a great weapon during the world’s most violent era.

Because of the immense power the Faeragon wield, the common people repaid her kind with fear and persecution. Eventually, her kind went into hiding and Sylvia founded the Witches’ Coven.

She says the pain is all in the past… But is that really true?



Fuse was born in a scarcely known village in the Eastern Hemisphere. Her village deemed her a genius, a talent wasted among them. They pooled their savings and what little influence they had, writing a letter to their kingdom's ruler.

One day, visiting a museum, she met with an ancient guardian on display. A jolt of lighting traveled her body, as if she'd recalled a memory from even before her birth, and she knew she had to unravel the secrets of the ancient past.



When the forces of Chaos vanished, Prince Rowan truly believed the world would come to know peace. Little did he know his kingdom would soon fall into disarray. Unable to end the conflict in any other way, he had no choice but to slay the king. Rowan surrendered the throne and exiled himself.

He traveled the world, helping others in the hopes that he could atone. Some still revile him as a traitor to his own blood, yet others call him a hero - and the path he can walk is more uncertain than ever.


the Traveling Merchant

He's... just a cat. Wish we could give you more, but he's just happy to be here.

Who's Next? 👀

A diverse roster awaits in Halcyon Zero, and there's more to come. Players embody 'Heroes of Legend', spanning geography and history. Thanks to the Chaos Cube--an artifact that 'spits out' characters from various timelines, Halcyon's world is a vivid mix of art and lore. Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Halcyon Zero?

Halcyon Zero is an isometric Action RPG set in an ethereal, anime-inspired world. The world is centered around bustling towns and cities that serve as social hubs. From towns, players can band together to explore chaos-ridden wilderness and challenge anime-inspired bosses in search of the secret behind chaos. The core gameplay involves teamwork and fast-paced, fluid, and satisfying combat.

What is Pahdo Labs?

Pahdo Labs is the developer behind Halcyon Zero, and is an indie game development studio primarily based in New York and Vancouver.

Can I also make my own levels?

Yes! We’re providing players the tools to create their own games, levels, and worlds and share them with each other. Our team has been having loads of fun creating crazy mechanics and beautiful landscapes, and we can’t wait to share this out with you.

Can I play a demo of Halcyon Zero?

Our first pre-alpha is officially over, and we're currently heads-down focused on making the rest of our game. We'll update this website with future opportunities to participate in the playtests, so stay tuned!

What will be your business model?

Halcyon Zero will be a free-to-play game that monetizes using primarily cosmetics-based microtransactions.

When will you release Halcyon Zero?

We have not yet announced a date for the full release date of Halcyon Zero.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum specifications for Halcyon Zero will change over time as we optimize the game throughout our development.

CPU: Intel Core i3 8300 or Ryzen 3 3100
GPU: Radeon RX 570 or Geforce GTX 1650
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Disk: 2GB Free space

About the Pahdo team

We're on a mission to cultivate a virtual world built by players: an online place where people can have a meaningful role in something bigger than themselves, own and share the products of their ingenuity, and foster a sense of belonging for others. Learn more about us here.